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Building community awareness through advocacy and education, and to promote social support and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing throughout Southern Kansas.


Lear how to help yourself or someone in need through our services tailored to women and their families. 


Know someone in need of professional services for mental health issues related to childbearing?

You're in the right place.

Healthcare Professionals

Professionals, partner with us to offer services to women in need and their families across southern Kansas.


Join us for our online support groups weekly as well as upcoming, socially-distanced or virtual events! Stay tuned. 

Professional Service

Find the support and help that you need through our availability of resources and professional services. 


Love our cause? Love our Why? Love to help others? 

Make a difference through donating! 

Our work includes reducing stigma by building awareness, improving quality care by educating mental health providers, and providing direct service for those with limited resources

 We are grounded in the belief that it takes a village to care for each other.

No one should feel alone. You are not alone!

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