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Join the Physician’s Fund and ensure all women and
families have perinatal mental health support.

The Physician’s Fund gives physicians and care providers the opportunity to invest in and support their patients long after they have left your office. Inspired by the dedication and commitment of Wichita’s medical community, the Physician’s Fund covers the cost of mental health services for women and families who would not receive these services due to a lack of insurance, high deductible plans/copays, or a lack of  external providers offering similar services. 

Physicians Fund donors invest $1,000 or more each year and bring direct psychotherapy to women and families who would not otherwise be able to access this support. Donate today and ensure that all women receive the perinatal mental healthcare they need.


The Motherhood Collective

A monthly gift of $25 means a new mother never feels alone. Be part of the Motherhood Collective...we are all in this together. When you become a part of The Motherhood Collective, you join a community of individuals who are passionate about helping mothers, babies and families thrive. Your monthly contribution helps to support The Village and the mothers and families we work with.

  • Hundreds of women find knowledge, support, and community through The Village. 

  • We help teach her signs, symptoms, and coping skills to ensure that women and their families feel empowered, not hopeless.

  • We are working to train health providers to deliver better more informed care regarding perinatal mental health during prenatal and pediatric visits.

  • We are connecting mothers, fathers, and caregivers with their peers so that they never have to feel alone in their struggles with perinatal mental health disorders.

Phone  316-272-0072

Fax  316- 221-7139

Organization Address

315 N Hillside, Wichita, KS 67214 Suite E

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3310 E. Douglas, Wichita, KS 67208

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