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Holding Hands

Therapy Information

Therapy Initial Assessment

Making the decision to go to therapy is big and might make you feel nervous to start. Our team understands this challenge and prioritizes your comfort. Your first session with your therapist will take approximately one hour. During this time your therapist will gather a full history and gain a deep understanding of the problems you are facing. Then you will work together to create a treatment plan that focuses on evidence based interventions.

Insurance and Payment

Our mission is to make treatment available and affordable to all. We have providers who accept most health insurance plans, including Kancare. We occasionally have student therapists who can provide free or low cost options for those without insurance.

Office and Telehealth

All of our providers are available to meet both in office and online.

Infant Massage

Holding Hands


Sensational Baby classes are for the caregivers of babies who are newborn to 1 year of age (if special needs or in foster care/adoption can be up to the age of 7). The 5-week course includes a parent guide and oil. Learn more by clicking Sensational Baby link




Private in-home classes - $50 per class; $250 for the 5 week course

Private in-office classes - $30 per class; $150 for the 5 week course

*This class can be taught in the hospital or with a doll for caregivers whose baby is in the hospital.



$100 for the 5 week course

To schedule you may call our office or email

Our Provider

Lauren Collins, LMSW, CEIM is a certified Sensational Babies educator. You can read more about Lauren by clicking here.


Payment is by cash, card, or check. Insurance does not cover the cost of infant massage. Payment is required upfront. Payment plans are available, please inquire if needed by contacting Lauren. 

Independent Practitioner Statement

* The Village ICT is an administrative support office and does not oversee the clinical practice of providers. Each provider is an independent practitioner and solely responsible for the implementation of their clinical practices and decision making. Please refer to the individual provider for information about their independent practice.

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