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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're a client, loved one, or curious visitor, we are happy you're here. Below are some of the frequently asked questions. Have something more specific? Send us an email at or click the button below. 

What is the population you serve?

The Village specializes in perinatal mental health. That includes individuals who are pregnant, postpartum, have fertility struggles, have adopted a child, are considering or have received an abortion, or have experienced a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Every therapist who has space at The Village administers individual therapy but can work with partners on a case by case basis. Outside of individual therapy, we also have two groups, one for mothers and one for fathers. 

I want to start therapy, what do I need to know? 

First, that is an important step and we're so excited for you! To schedule an appointment, you can contact us through the website, via email, or over the phone. If there is a specific therapist you are interested in seeing, you can email them directly or specify when you reach out to the office. Typically, we can get you in the week you reach out, schedule depending. After we schedule your session, an email will be sent with paperwork that is required to be finished 48 hours before your session. If it's not done in time, we are happy to reschedule you once it's completed. Therapy can be very structured for scheduling or very flexible. We try to accommodate to your schedule and needs as best as we can. 

Do you take insurance?

The therapists at The Village take a variety of insurance plans and we are happy to check your benefits once we have received that information. We also highly recommend that you check your benefits as well. This makes the billing process more transparent and efficient for everyone. To correctly bill sessions, we need the information to any active policy you are on. If you do not have insurance, we also offer self-pay options.

I need to reschedule, how do I know who to contact? 

It is recommended that you first directly reach out to your therapist through the Client Portal. You are also welcome to call the front desk or email your therapist. 

I was not directly referred to you, can I still be seen? 

Absolutely! The referral system we have is fantastic but not a prerequisite to receiving services. If you have been referred or not, we are happy to be a part of your journey. 

Do you offer telehealth options?

We do! The option for telehealth is for anyone, even if you originally began for in-person sessions. Because many people prefer to have the option, we do send the telehealth consent forms to everyone, even if they schedule for in person. Please specify when scheduling which you prefer. To make sure your telehealth sessions are effective, please consider the reliability of wifi or cell service. We also ask to remain as confidential and private as you can during sessions by being in a secluded, low noise, area if possible. 

Can I bring my baby to session?

We are a baby welcome organization! We also want to make sure you're receiving the most quality care possible. In order to do that, we encourage clients to schedule according to what would help them be the most present (during the baby's nap time so they can nap during session, bring a bottle or snack if their baby gets hungry, etc). 

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